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NEW (October 03, 2013) - Turkish Chant Video for Al-Imam Al-Mehdi (A.S.)

NEW (October 03, 2013) - Turkish Chant Video for Al-Imam Al-Mehdi (A.S.)

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The True Chosen Prospective Leader Of The Entire World ....

It is easy to write about the past and about the present, but it is very difficult and hard to write about the future, especially about the future of the entire world. This web site presents the hidden Imam of Islam, Al-Mehdi (peace be upon him), who had entered into complete (or second) occultation before more than 1000 years ago. Such occultation has continued until present time. Imam Al-Mehdi (P.B.U.H.) is the twelfth Imam of the Imamates or Shiites, who form the second largest denomination in Islam after the Sunnis. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) told in many traditions, that how one of his family, Al-Mehdi, would come to fill the earth with justice after it shall have been filled with injustice.

I. Who is the hidden Imam Al-Mehdi?

1. The names of the Imam

2. What does occultation mean?

3. The goals of the hidden Imam


II. Traditions about the occultation of the hidden Imam

1. Statements in the holly Qur'an

2. Prophetic traditions reported by the Prophet Muhammad

3. Traditions reported by Imams of the House of the Prophet Muhammad


III. The birth of the Twelfth Imam Al-Mehdi

1. Who is his mother? and What is her relationship to Jesus?

2. The birth of the hidden Imam


IV. How and why did Imam Al-Mehdi go into occultation?

1. First Occultation (short)

2. Imam's Deputies / Representative during his

First Occultation

3. Second Occultation (complete)


V. Relationship of Imam Al-Mehdi to:

1. Shiites

2. Imam Ayattullah Khomaini of Iran


VI. Long-lived of Imam Al-Mehdi

1. Miracle and his long-lived age

2. Where is the hidden Imam living now? and how?

3. Why didn't Imam come out from his occultation up till now?


VII. Where and When Imam Al-Mehdi will end his occultation?

1. The signs of the rise of Al-Mehdi

1.1 Signs close to and before his apparition

1.2 Signs and events in the year of apparition

2. The immediate followers of the Imam

3. Acceptance of Al-Mehdi in the world

4. Apparition by Sword

5. Nuclear and destructive weapons



VIII. Liars who claimed that they are Al-Mehdi

1. Bahai Faith Founder

2. Event of Mecca in 1985


IX What will happen after Imam's apparition?

1. Islamic countries

1.1 End of Saudi Kingdom rule

1.2 Kufa - Iraq as the capital of the world

2. Imam Al-Mehdi in Palestine

3. Descending of Jesus from the Sky

4. Reaction of Christians & Jewish communities

5. America, Israel and others

6. Only one government for the entire world

7. Only one religion for the entire world


X How the world society will be under the new leader

Imam Al-Mehdi

1. Political role of Imam Al-Mehdi

2. Cultural life

3. Educational life

4. The economics

5. The agricultural life

6. The science

7. Resolving of housing problems

8. Resolving of unemployment problems

9. Resolving of immigration problems

10. Financial problems and taxes

11. Resolving of discrimination issues

12. No Alcohol, No Drugs

13. Safety and Security

14. Completeness of the Human

15. Peace in the whole world

16. General improvements


XI Period of his rule

1. The death of Imam Al-Mehdi

2. Re-creation in the view of Islam


XII Questions & Answers





* List of the names of the 12 Imams

* List of the Prophets as described in the

holly Qur'an

* Prayer of Commitment

* Hegira Calendar

* Glossary






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