In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful  

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NEW (October 03, 2013) - Turkish Chant Video for Al-Imam Al-Mehdi (A.S.)

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

In Celebration of the birthday of our 
Holy Prophet Muhammed Al-Mustafa (SAWA) 
[The last Messenger of Allah] 

And of the birthday of 
Infallible Imam Ja'far Al-Sadeq (AS)


17th of Rabie-l Awal 1445 Hijra [Tuesday, October 3, 2023].

[The Holy Prophet (SAWA) was born on Friday, 17th of Rabie-l Awal in the 
Year of the Elephant (August 25, 570 AD) in Holy Mecca. This is a great day in Islam]

[Infallible Imam Ja'far Al-Sadeq (AS) was born on Friday, 17th of Rabie-l Awal in the 
year of 83 After Hijra (April 20, 702 AD) in Holy Medina. 
He is the 6th Imam of Ahlul-Bait (People of the House)]

The Holy Mausoleums of Imams Ali-Al-Hadi and Hasan-Al-Askari, Samarra, Baghdad, Iraq.
Destroyed due to explosion by criminal elements, February 2006. (12th, 13th).
Refer to the above red highlighted rows.

In The Name of Allah The Merciful, The Compassionate

On the morning of Wednesday February 22, 2006 (23 Muharram 1427H) a group
of criminals executed their elaborate plan to explode and destroy the
holy shrines of Imam Al-Hadi and Imam Al-Askari (blessing of Allah be
upon them) in city of Samarra, Iraq. These children of evil carried out
an unprecedented act of violence that has not yet been witnessed in the
history of Islam. Aimed directly toward the last Prophet of Allah (Peace
be upon him), this destructive explosion was intended to destroy the
golden shrine along with both graves. This Holy Mausoleum held two Imams,
both descendants and children of our Prophet Mohammed. Recent news
exposes more attacks on Holy sites such as Prophet's Companion Salman
Al-Farsi (blessing of Allah be upon him) and other places.

If the infallible Imams (the children of the holy prophet) and
Salman Al-Farsi are not Muslims, then who is?

Our sincere condolences on this sorrowful occasion to our 12th Imam Al-Mehdi
(may Allah hasten his reappearance). This holy shrine contains the holy
graves of his father Imam Al-Askari and his grandfather Imam Ali Al-Hadi (peace be upon them).
Our Imam is coming soon. Sooner or later he will appear and no one can
run away or hide from the punishments. Iraq is his country and the country
of his father. The criminals who committed this act and anyone who
participated in the planning will be retaliated and brought to justice.
The occupier of Iraq should leave as this is the land of Al-Imam Al-Mehdi.
This is no place for democracy or the greed of George W. Bush. Democracy
has nothing to do with Islam from far and near. Any Muslim who believes
in democracy as the ideal is ignorant and / or a hypocrite. Democracy has
nothing to do with Islam and has no place in the Islamic system which is
written and overseen by God.
The people of Iraq and good people of any kind must use excessive force to
stop any further and future attack on any holy places. If force is not
used to stop and prevent these children of evils then Al-Kabe in Mecca
will be the next.
These attacks are nothing more than an extension of the cartoons created
in Denmark. As a joke it suggests an international ignorance that becomes
replicated in these physical acts of destruction. An apology is
unacceptable. Such cartoon characters are a deliberate act on all
religions. The humor displays a lack of humility and reflects upon a
depleted morale and degraded character. Jesus, Moses, David, Salamon,
Jacob, Abraham, and all other messengers of God (Peace of Allah be upon
all of them) are all Muslims. Muslim means acknowledgement that there
is one God. Being a Muslim is a relative issue. There are people who
claim they are Muslim but their actions do not reflect their beliefs.
On the other hand, there are people who are not Muslim yet behave as
if Islam is embedded within their character.
Islam is a source of morale, character, integrity, trust, love, knowledge,
courage, forgiveness, help, social justice, social life, and truth. The
enemies of Islam are the enemies of Jesus, Moses, Jacob, Abraham, etc…
They will never succeed in their plots. The enemies of Islam do not know the
true value of Islam for all society. It is like putting a piece of gold in
front of a donkey. What would a donkey understand of the value of gold?
All it knows is barley. Islam is gold for the people that understand it.
Al-Imam Al-Mehdi (ourselves to be sacrificed for him) is coming soon.
And Jesus (peace be upon him) will appear after him. Al-Imam will chop
the head of all criminals in the entire world. And will define the justice
for all and will end the corruption everywhere including in Iraq.
Therefore, all occupied forces in Iraq must leave unconditionally before it is too late.
It is the responsibility of all to protect the holy sites immediately.
The Muslim community and good people worldwide must and should form a
special protective force around such holy sites immediately and disregard
the occupation if forced against this unity. An immediate international
Islamic tribunal should be formed to punish anyone involved in this
religious destruction and be prosecuted without mercy (swift justice).
We cannot afford to watch our morale, principles, and religious rights
to be trampled on.
The merchants of religion (Whether they are $hites, $unnis, $alafies,
and any other group) will be punished harshly by Al-Imam Al-Mehdi as
soon as he appears because most of them are betraying the essential
principles of Islam.

Iraqi people do not need a corrupted foreign constitution. The permanent
constitution is there and has been for over 1400 years, namely the
Holy Qur'an.
There are three forces, United States, Great Britain, and Israel, making
the lives of people miserable worldwide in the name of freedom and
equality. In fact, they are thirsty for the blood of innocent people.
Leave Iraq immediately. This is the land of Al-Imam Al-Mehdi. If not,
you will be forced sooner or later by the force of Allah and Imam's
followers including Jesus (Peace be upon him). Per Islam, all people
are equal and free.

Undoubtedly, the criminals who committed the evil act will be punished
as the Holy Qur'an states (Holy Qur’an – 83:35&36 Al-Mutaffifeen):

"The Righteous on their raised couches will be able to see all the true
values restored in their own favour: but they will also see something
else: they will also see the arrogant braggarts brought low, who brought
about their own downfall by their own actions."

Al-Imam Al-Mehdi Organization
27 Muharram 1427 A.H. (26 February 2006)

Before explosion:

After criminal aggression by children of satan on Wednesday February 22, 2006. (23rd of Muharram 1427 age)


The Truth and Al-Imam Mehdi (AS) per Holy Quran:























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